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Hilarity at its finest

Posted on: January 25, 2012

So, I like to laugh.I search it out.  Comedy shows, movies, somethin obnoxious on youtube…whichever. I NEED my daily portion of laughs. Life is hectic. How does that sayin go: “Laugh to keep from crying”? Well i’m usually doing both, but I digress. Because I’m addicted to laughing, I am a huge supporter of Awesomely Luvvie. It’s a blog about everything in the world and how Luvvie sees it. What makes it great is that through the language, I can hear exactly how she talks. Mind you, Luvvie and I ain’t kickin it at my house everyday, but I hear her voice every time she posts somethin. STOP IT. I’m not like some psychotic stalker. It’s just that her branding is so awesome. Her supporters recognize her writing before they even see her byline on the article. And what she has to say is freakin hilarious AND true. You more than likely always find yourself nodding your head as you read. One of my favs from her most recent postings is this one: Kobe’s wife snatched HALF! A lot of men are so pissed because Kobe’s wife got half his money in their divorce settlement. But I swear, I don’t understand why. Yea, she didn’t play one second of basketball for it, BUT she was his wife for 10 years, raised his kids all the while he ( according to the rumors) been havin over a 100 sexual affairs with other women. I mean, for real. Folks calling her a gold digger and what not. These same people must not realize HIV and other stds are real. This man had a blatant disregard for her life! So she definitely deserves half. Just call it the fee for her emotional damages!

She has different sections on her blog, but I absolutely love the “Whose is this” section. So basically, people send her outrageous pictures or she comes across them and she talks bout them…in the most Luvvie way possible. Check this one out.—-> Baby condom socks! Somebody dressed their little baby in with condom socks apparently. It’s the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever seen. And when I saw this picture, I was torn. Like part of me wanted to take the sensible and moral route and not laugh. **shakes head** No, NO! Not me! I wouldn’t dare crack one smile at the ignorance that is this picture. But then **sigh**, my own ignorance took over and I died laughing. Not at the babygirl because it really is a shame, but at the fact that there are actually people out there that would dare do this to their child, AND THEN take a picture and post it on the internet. All I can think is that po’ baby gone have this picture following her wherever she goes! What if she wanted to be the first woman president! How she gonna make it now? She’ll never be taken seriously if folks found out she was walkin round with Durex on her legs for socks as a child! It makes me wanna fall out every time I look at it. But you have to admit, I wasn’t the only person that was ignant ( not a typo) enough to laugh.

Anyways, Luvvie’s a riot. How could you not love her?! I assure you whenever you need a good laugh, just browse her blog.


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